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42, Commando Association

Constitution & Rules of Procedure

1. Title: 42 Commando Association.

2. Aim and Purpose: To keep past and present members of 42 Commando in touch.

3. Membership, Eligibility.

(a) Full membership will be to personnel serving or who have served with 42 Commando since 1943, also widows

of such personnel.

(b) Honorary membership will be to those applicants proposed by a full member and whose, proposal is considered

suitable by the executive committee

(c) Membership subscription fee prescribed at the time of application will apply at 3a and 3b.

(d) Both full membership and honorary membership will hold voting rights but, honorary members will not be

allowed to hold executive office.

(e) Membership may be withdrawn by the executive committee from any member who is found to be conducting

themselves, in such a manner as to bring the association into disrepute, or is found to be abusing any other member

of the association. Expulsion will be notified to the member in writing and may be appealed against in writing at

the next A.G.M. when the appeal will be allowed or disallowed by a membership vote.

4. Conduct of Business.

(a) The associations business will be conducted by an elected committee of executive officers who shall act in

accord with the rules and duties set out for such executive officers.

(b) Executive officers and committee members will be elected at each A.G.M. by a “show” of hand “vote”. Any

dispute as to the correctness of the declared count shall be declared to the chairman directly and a recount or ballot


[c] Nominations for executive office and committee members must be proposed and seconded by full members,

who may only nominate one candidate for each office. Nominations shall be submitted to the secretary in writing

four weeks prior to the A.G.M.

(d) Officers or committee members seeking re-election unopposed may be block voted. Opposed members must

seek re-election in accord with rule 4c.

(e) President. At Annual General Meeting a candidate nominated by two full members will be elected by majority

show of hand vote to serve a biannual term (2 years) and seek re-elect biannually.

5. Conduct of Meetings.

[a] All meetings shall be under the authority of the chairman/vice chairman and minutes recorded by the secretary/

vice secretary.

[b] Proposals, motions, submissions must be tendered to the secretary in writing four weeks prior to the meeting.

[c] Proposals, responses etc, must be made through the chair. Speakers will stand and state name.

[d] Executive officers will conclude current year’s business at A.G.M. before nominees or officers seeking reelection

are voted on for the forthcoming year.

6. Funding, Finance.

(a) The association to be funded by a once only membership subscription, voluntary donations, sponsorship or

other means considered appropriate by the executive officers.

[b] Membership subscription to be £5 per annum [at 2019]

The treasurer will produce a statement of account at each A.G.M.

[c] The financial records will be audited by two association members independent of the committee and certified

on the Treasurers statement of account.

[d] In the event of the association disbanding all monies held after due debts are paid will be donated to a Royal

Marine/Royal Navy charity. Such donation will be notified in the Globe & Laurel or appropriate journal of the day.

7. General.

[a] A newsletter will be published to all members at least annually and will include update on contacts and

registrations. An up-to-date register of members will be available for examination at each A.G.M. or on request to

the secretary.


[b] A re-union will be held annually; every effort will be made to vary the location and obtain the most cost

effective package. Each re-union must be self, financing only in exceptional circumstances approved by executive

committee will association funds be used to subsidise any part of the re-union.

[c] Parade dress will be black/blue blazer with grey trouser and black shoes.42, Commando Association tie and

green, beret. “Medals” to be worn as notified.

Dated: 6th June. 1999.

Dated: 17th June. 2001. Add 4(e)

Dated: 2nd July 2006. Rule 4(e) Amended to Bi-annual terms with re-election required

Dated: 26th June 2011. Rule 6(b) Amended to £7:00 membership subscription.

Dated: 6th July 2014. Rule 3(d) Amended to Full and Honorary members shall have full voting rights but,

Honorary members are not allowed to hold executive office.

Dated: 17th June 2018 Rule 6(b) amended to £5.00 per annum

Duties of Executive Officer’s: Chair/Vice Chair.

Within the bounds of the Rules of Procedure the Chairman will have overall control of Association business and will

act to the best interest of the Association at all times. He will maintain close relations with Treasurer and Secretary

keeping himself informed of any situation likely to be detrimental to the Association. He will conduct meetings

with the authority of overall control but will remain impartial in summing up debate prior to a motion vote. He will

be the Associations spokesman to outside bodies. He will seek re-election at each A.G.M. in accord with rule 4d.


He will maintain a register of members updated as required and produce a current register at each A.G.M. He will

respond promptly to and keep record of all correspondence to the Association. He will keep the association

membership informed of new registrations, re-unions, via a newsletter at least annually.

He will prepare an A.G.M agenda, read the minutes of the past and record minutes of the current A.G.M. He will

keep the chairman informed of any correspondence requiring his authority in response and keep in liaison on

general secretarial matters. He will seek re-election at each A.G.M. in accord with rule 4d.and surrender all

relevant correspondence.


He will safeguard the association’s income and keep financial records. He will ensure that all monies [less petty

cash] are banked without delay. He will ensure that accounts used will secure the most favourable interest return.

He will ensure that expense claims for payment are against receipts. He will pay promptly all legitimate demands

for payment. He will keep an expenditure and income ledger and submit a written statement of account at each

A.G.M. He will agree with the chairman a petty cash amount and keep in liaison on general financial matters. He

will seek re-election at each A.G.M. in accord with rule 4d.and surrender all financial files and petty cash should

he not be reinstated.


Executive officers and committee members must work together in the best interest of the association.

Dated: 19th June 2022

Executive Officers:

Chairman: Mr. S Corney email tel 01256 893595

Secretary: Mr. Frank Needham email tel 01908 221523

Committee Officers:

Mr. K Thwaites. email tel: 01539-726595.

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