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2023 Newsletter

Dear Members

42 Commando Royal Marines Association reunion 2023 took place at the Savoy hotel
Blackpool again. Good news is that numbers were up from last year and a good weekend was
had by all that attended. The weather wasn’t particularly favourable for most of the weekend
but it didn’t stop activities and proceeding and lights being swung during the banter sessions
within stepping distance of the bar. The hotel being on the sea front so members had easy
access to the trams and busses from outside the hotel to enjoy the sights of Blackpool, which
everyone seemed to enjoy. The hotel is a bit tired, however no mentions were made, as all
seemed to be enjoying the tales, some of which may have been slightly exaggerated slightly
with like-minded Bootnecks to pull up a sandbag and swing the lantern, which we did for 3
On the Friday night members attended the RBL, which was suggested at last years reunion
and those that attended reported that it was a good night had by all.
Phil Gilby attended with his wife attended and gave a presentation on the working and results
of the RMA-TRMC which was enlightening. All seems to enjoy it with a hearty round of
applause at the end. One main point was the changing of the association to a branch of the
RMA. This by no means, means any changes to the working, membership, financials and
rules of the Association or its committee, but it does make a difference to the monies being
kept on our association bank accounts and is not touched at all by the RMA-TRMC. One
notable change will be the DONATIONS as this is the word that matters to make our
donations tax free.
On Saturday night members enjoyed a gala dinner with the chef excelling himself, espesially
with the dessert, going to the trouble of replicating the unit badge in chocolate on each plate
A raffle was held on both Saturday and Sunday nights, and despite the numbers being low we
still raised £425.00. I would like to thanks all those that contributed to the prizes, a big thank
you to Sheila Cairns for helping with the raffle on both nights.
On the Saturday 2 of our members, Mr Martin Raines and Mr Jack Hewitt enjoyed a round of
golf at one of the local courses, if anyone would like to join them in a round on the Saturday,
please contact Martin ( and he will give you all the info you need to
join them.
We didn’t have entertainment again this year, which our members preferred as it gave them
more time to catch up with mates, it gave members an extra hour for sharing dits, everyone
says they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and would definitely be attending next year.
The committee would like to send our congratulations to Willie and Sylvia Rae on the birth
of their grandchild, born on the Sunday

Please don’t forget your annual £5.00 donation, plus any further donations you may wish to
make, every penny helps, please make cheques out to 42 Commando Association and send
them to our secretary Frank Needham.
Monies can be paid direct to the bank using HSBC bank sort code 40-34-27 account number
11635662, the reason we need the subs forms back is to check we have up to date contact
All members have voted for next year’s reunion to be held at the Savoy hotel Blackpool
again, details and booking forms are on a separate sheet
Frank Needham
42 Commando Association

Please see below points from the AGM.
Further below; dates and prices for the 2024 reunion.
Further below that; Names and email addresses of the committee members.

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